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New Year. New Thinking.

January 21, 2022

This is the time many people are thinking about new ideas, things they want to change and resolutions to be made to make for a better year.  Thoughts, actions, and knowledge matter when making healthy changes. Here are some ideas to consider ... READ MORE

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Tags: Caring, Compassion, Diet, Exercise, Food Safety, Handwashing, Hydration, Kindness, Mindfulness, New Thinking, New Year, Resolutions, Self Care, Sleep, Thoughts Matter
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Ancient Grains Explained

October 9, 2019

Article and audio introduction by Samantha Kennedy, Family and Consumer Sciences There are always a number of nutritional trends out there, with a new one emerging nearly every day. Some of the more recent trends include the increased consumption ... READ MORE

Category: Health & Nutrition, UF/IFAS Extension, Work & Life
Tags: Ancient Grains, Diet, Families & Consumers, Family And Consumer Sciences, Food, Grains, Health, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Wakulla, Wakulla Extension

To Keto or Not to Keto…That Is the Question

July 26, 2019

You may have come across the term “keto” lately in conversation, or seen it on food packaging, recipes, and across social media. Pictures of fatty foods like bacon, cheese, and even butter in coffee. As with most topics in the spotlight, ... READ MORE

Category: Health & Nutrition, Home Management, Relationships & Family, Work & Life
Tags: Carbohydrate, Diet, Health, Keto, Keto Diet, Ketogenesis, Metabolism, Nutrition

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