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At Blogs.IFAS, we encourage discussion and involvement in the various sites. The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that the Blogs.IFAS community maintains a healthy, civil, and enjoyable environment where members feel comfortable.

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General UF/IFAS Blogging Statement

Posts and other content specifically added by users of a University of Florida platform should reflect the University of Florida’s policies and procedures.

All content is bound by the UF Acceptable Use Policy. Further, users are expected to abide by applicable laws, regulations, rules and policies including the University Student Code of Conduct, the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy, and other regulations and policies concerning public communications.

We reserve the right to remove inappropriate content without notifying the user. We encourage users to report content that violates the platform’s Code of Conduct by contacting

This content is copyrighted by the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) for the people of the State of Florida. UF/IFAS retains all rights under all conventions but permits free reproduction by all agents and offices of the Cooperative Extension Service and the people of the State of Florida. Permission is granted to others to use these materials in part or in full for educational purposes, provided that full credit is given to UF/IFAS, citing the publication, its source, and date of publication. Opinions expressed in the content do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the University of Florida or the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Copyright law protects the owner of creative materials from unauthorized use of his or her work. U.S. copyright laws protect literary works, musical or sound recordings, and pictorial or graphical designs. Prior to using any creative works that do not belong to the University of Florida, (bloggers) please make sure you have the proper license and/or permission from the owner of those works.

Community Guidelines

  • Usernames must not contain any profane, offensive, or derogatory terms
  • Posting of advertisements, promotions, and spam is prohibited
  • Please don’t post knowingly offensive slurs and discriminatory comments based on race, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, religion, or politics. Derogatory statements of any kind are not allowed
  • No threats of any kind, personal attacks, or harassment
  • Do not encourage others to violate laws or harm property or people
  • Profanity is prohibited—whether blatant or censored with special characters
  • No inflammatory or libelous statements are allowed
  • No unlawful content (local, state, or federal) is allowed to be posted or linked to. Please review the General UF/IFAS Blogging Statement for more information on this
  • Please don’t impersonate anyone or misrepresent yourself
  • All comments should be on topic

Please alert if you see offensive language, abusive language, spam, self-promotion or advertising, or off-topic comments. The web team will take measures to ensure that questionable comments are removed if they violate the community guidelines.

How We Moderate

All comments submitted by registered users will be reviewed by a member of the moderation team, who will approve only those comments that are in accordance with these community guidelines. Thus, comments that violate the guidelines will not be approved to appear on the site. Comments will also be post-moderated to ensure that all posted comments follow guidelines, and any comment that violates the guidelines will be removed without warning. The moderation team reserves the right to remove any and all comments that violate the aforementioned community guidelines.

Equal Opportunity Institution

The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Opportunity Institution authorized to provide research, educational information, and other services only to individuals and institutions that function with non-discrimination with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions, or affiliations. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, IFAS, Florida A&M University Cooperative Extension Program, and Boards of County Commissioners Cooperating.

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