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Category: Natural Resources

Nature Knowledge: Cyanobacteria Blooms in Florida

Join us online on Thursday, April 9th from 3-4pm; featuring Dr. Lisa Krimsky, UF/IFAS Extension & Florida Sea Grant, Water Resources Regional Specialized Agent, to discuss Cyanobacteria Blooms in Florida. Most Floridians have heard about ‘Blue-Green Algae’ in… Read More

Stuck at home? Marine science resources for kids!

Attention teachers and parents – we have educational and interactive materials for you! Florida Sea Grant agents have been working diligently to compile and create video resources and activities that allow students to learn about sea turtles, manatees,… Read More

What is wrong with the Sabal palm?

It’s difficult to believe that our state tree, Sabal palmetto, is presenting some difficulties. For me, Sabals are a bullet proof plant, until recently… What is the culprit? Lethal bronzing disease (LBD)! It used to be called Texas… Read More

Milkweed for Monarchs in Central Florida

Monarchs are big, showy orange butterflies. Seeing one skip through your garden inevitably brings a smile to both young and old. How can we lure these beauties to our back yard where we can enjoy the lift they… Read More