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New tomato breeder at GCREC now sits in her mentor’s chair, plans to continue legacy of bringing best data to growers and flavorful fruit to consumers

February 13, 2024

Jessica Chitwood-Brown grew up in rural Alma, Arkansas, where she rode horses, fished with her dad and played at the marina.  She also recalls participating in the Crawford County Fair, going to football games on Friday nights, horse ... READ MORE

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Tags: Agricultural And Biological Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Cultivars, Entomology, Flavor, Gulf Coast Research And Education Center, Horticultural Sciences, Jack Rechigl, Jay Scott, Jessica Chitwood-Brown, Kevin Wang, Machine Harvesting, Plant Pathology, Prec-ag, Precision Ag, Sam Hutton, Sustainable Agriculture, Tomato Breeding, University Florida, University Of Arkansas, Yield
bright red strawberries held in the palm of two hands

Peak strawberry season means more Florida-grown, flavorful fruit at the market

January 18, 2024

We’re at the height of the Florida strawberry harvesting season – a time when the state’s growers are doing all they can to make sure consumers can choose from among the best of their favorite fruit at the market. “It has been an ... READ MORE

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Tags: Aroma, Best Practices, Breeding, Cultivars, Florida Strawberry Growers Association, Growers, Gulf Coast Research And Education Center, Horticultural Sciences, Kenneth Parker, Strawberries, Strawberry Season, Taste, UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County, Vance Whitaker, Wael Elwakil, Yield

New video explains how gibberellic acid supports citrus trees and reduces fruit drop

August 12, 2022

A treatment to support Florida’s citrus trees needs to be applied now to be most effective. Plant growth regulators are one tool that Florida citrus growers can use to reduce fruit drop. But how and when they are applied on the tree are ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Citrus, Citrus Research, Citrus Research And Education Center, Gibberellic Acid, Michael Rogers, Tripti Vashisth, Valencia, Video, Yield
Cover Crops

Utilize Cover Crops to Optimize Soil Quality

November 15, 2017

It is no secret that Florida’s soils are less than ideal from both a nutrient and production standpoint; finding ways to maximize soil health will have production benefits as well as environmental benefits. Utilizing cover crops is a great ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Crops, Farm Management, Livestock
Tags: Annual, Bainum, Caitlin, Cattle, Cover, Crops, Equine, Erosion, Fertile, Forage, Herbage, Irrigation, Legumes, Perennial, Planting, Soil, Yield

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