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Don’t Forget to Take the Landscape Stakes Off Your Tropical Fruit Trees!

June 12, 2024

Rainy season is almost here, and it's a great time start planting tropical fruit trees. The consistent rain can help minimize the transplant shock that new trees experience and you may even be able to use less water to get your tree established, ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Agriculture, Collier County, Collier County Extension, Landscape, Planting, Trees, Tropical Fruit

Plant the right tree in the right place with help from UF

May 8, 2024

Homeowners, business owners and others can plant the right tree in the right place in cities and suburbs with help from a newly relaunched website from University of Florida scientists. If “right tree, right place” sounds similar to the ... READ MORE

Category: Forests, Home Landscapes
Tags: Agricultural And Biological Engineering, Canopy, Environmental Horticulture, Florida Trees, Howard Beck, Planting, Resilience, Right Tree; Right Place, Ryan Klein, Stability, Suburban, Trees, Urban, Urban Landscape Summit, Website

April is Earth Month

April 11, 2024

April is recognized as Earth Month. With the 22nd being Earth Day. Earth Day started as a one-day event in 1970, with protests about environmental ignorance and demanding new legislation. After this event, major environmental laws were introduced, ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Conservation, Events, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Horticulture, Lawn, Pests & Disease, Turf, UF/IFAS Extension, Water
Tags: Composting, Conservation, Earth Day, Gardening, Planting
proper planting with hose and shovel

Proper Planting: Trees and Shrubs

November 16, 2023

Trees and shrubs can be purchased in many sizes, most are no smaller than a one gallon size, and many go up to 7 gallon (or larger). Because of both size at planting and maturity, cost of plants, and large root spread, planning for proper placement ... READ MORE

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes
Tags: Anne Yasalonis, Ayasalonis, Central Florida, Florida-Friendly Plants, Gardening, Master Gardener, Master Gardener Volunteer, Planting, Planting Shrubs, Planting Trees, Polk County, Polk County FL, Polkgardening, Polkmg, Proper Planting, Shrubs, Trees, UF-IFAS, UF/IFAS Polk County
proper planting with hose and shovel

Proper Planting: Annuals and Perennials

November 1, 2023

Proper planting ensures a good start to a healthy landscape. The following guidelines for installing plants apply for sandy, well-drained soils. Annuals and Perennials Annuals and perennials are typically small (4”) to one gallon sized ... READ MORE

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes,
Tags: Anne Yasalonis, Annuals, Ayasalonis, Bedding Plants, Central Florida, Gardening, Installing Plants, Master Gardener, Master Gardener Volunteer, Native Plants, Perennials, Planting, Polk County, Polkgardening, Polkmg, Proper Planting, UF-IFAS, UF/IFAS Polk County
How to build a rain garden in Duval County Jacksonville gardens

New year’s resolutions for the landscape in 2023

December 7, 2022

  As we prepare our yards for a fresh start in 2023, perhaps one of our New Year’s resolutions can be to be to make some changes in how we maintain our landscape.  By doing so perhaps we can save some money and have a healthier landscape ... READ MORE

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Lawn, Pests & Disease
Tags: Fertilizer, Florida Friendly, Landscape, Lawns, Planting, Tree Planting, Turf, Water Conservation, Weeds

Pum, Pum, Pumpkins!

July 27, 2022

When you hear pumpkins you may think of fall, Halloween, and cooler weather. To enjoy all the goodies that pumpkins give us like pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin pie it first begins with a seed. I personally enjoy pumpkin spice latte. Regardless ... READ MORE

Category: Crops, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Home Management, Horticulture, Lawn, Turf, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension, Water
Tags: Central District, Flagler County, Florida Water, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Garden, Gardening, Master Gardener, Planting, Plants, Pumpkin, Summer

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