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Composting Basics

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February 9, 2024

If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course it does, and I’m sure it’s quite loud. That philosophical question has never held my interest. Now, if you start talking about what happens ... READ MORE

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Crops, Farm Management, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, SFYL Hot Topic, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Composting, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Horticulture
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Growing Green Minds: Professor Inspires Students to Cultivate Sustainability

October 18, 2023

Through its education outreach efforts, the UF/IFAS Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences (SWES) highlighted the important role students play as stewards of sustainability. Gainesville High School environmental science teacher Sadie ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Teaching
Tags: Ann Wilkie, BioEnergy And Sustainable Technology Lab, Composting, Soil And Water Sciences, Sustainability, UF Student Compost Cooperative

UF/IFAS Extension Summer Internship Programs in Broward County

July 5, 2022

Article by UF/IFAS Extension Broward County Urban Horticulture Agent/CED Lorna Bravo What is the UF/IFAS Extension Summer Internship Program? The summer internship program is a collaboration between the Florida Cooperative Extension Service and ... READ MORE

Category: 4-H & Youth, Community Volunteers, Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Health & Nutrition, Home Landscapes, Invasive Species, Lawn, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease, Professional Development, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension, UF/IFAS Research, UF/IFAS Teaching, , Water, Wildlife, Work & Life
Tags: Broward County, Composting, Container Gardening, Critters, Entomology, Extension, Florida Gardening, Food Waste, Food Waste Prevention, Gardening, Internships, Invertebrates, MGVs, Urban Area, Urban Horticulture, Vermicomposting
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Composting for Beginners

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March 17, 2022

Composting is a great way to practice recycling in your yard. You can reduce the volume of waste that goes to the landfill as well as create a beneficial soil amendment for your landscape. Most people have all the elements they need to create ... READ MORE

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes,
Tags: Anne Yasalonis, Ayasalonis, Central Florida, Composting, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Gardening, Master Gardener, Master Gardener Volunteer, Polk County, Polkgardening

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