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an image of a sandy soil with little grass

Members of UF/IFAS department of soil, water, and ecosystem sciences contribute to book on sandy soils

February 15, 2024

Anyone working the land in Florida is aware just how sandy the soil is throughout the panhandle and peninsula. Even the official state soil is Myakka fine sand. So, it is not surprising the first book solely focused on sandy soils includes authors ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Research
Tags: Carbon, HLB, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Soil, Soil And Water Sciences

UF/IFAS scientists address food security in the Caribbean

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February 6, 2024

At their core, land-grant institutions like the University of Florida focus on how science, research and global partnerships can address food-security challenges, develop innovative solutions and efficiently reach those in need. To promote ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Conservation, Crops, Farm Management, Horticulture, Pests & Disease, SFYL Hot Topic, Turf, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Research, Water
Tags: Caribbean, Crop Yields, Fisheries, Food Security, Forestry, Global Food Security, Global Partnerships, Industry And Labour, Institute Of Food And Agricultural Sciences, Jehangir Bhadha, Kelly Morgan, Lincoln Zotarelli, News, Nutrients, Rural Transformation, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Ministry Of Agriculture, Sarah Strauss, Soil, Soil And Water Sciences, Soil Health, Soil Microbiology, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, Taiwan International Cooperation And Development Fund, U.S. Agency For International Development/Eastern And Southern Caribbean Region, U.S. Department Of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service, UF IFAS Everglades Research And Education Center, UF-IFAS, Water, Wildlife Ecology And Conservation

How timing of fertilizer ordinances impacts water quality, UF/IFAS scientists explain

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January 18, 2024

A new publication by University of Florida scientists on the efficacy of fertilizer ordinances provides an overview of a previously published study that found local fertilizer ordinances can improve water quality, but the timing of ordinances ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: AJ Reisinger, Ask IFAS, Basil Iannone, Bryan Unruh, Center For Land Use Efficiency, Fertilizer, Fertilizer Ordinances, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Michael Dukes, News, Soil, Soil And Water Sciences, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, UF IFAS Extension, UF/IFAS LAKEWATCH Program

There’s a Party Going On in That Soil!

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November 22, 2023

Soil is not dirt. There's a lot of talk these days about the microbiome, beneficial bacteria, soil food web and other names for the often invisible life in the soil.  Many people don't realize that the soil beneath them is not some inert substance.  ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Forests, Fruits & Vegetables, Health & Nutrition, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Lawn, Livestock, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease, Turf, , Work & Life
Tags: Agroecology, Climate Change, Food, Germ Theory, Microbiome, Newsletter, Newsletter2, Regenerative Farming, Soil, Soil Food Web, Terrain Theory, Thanksgiving

New public-private partnership allows UF/IFAS scientist to work on growing plants, storing carbon in clay soil

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September 14, 2023

In a new, public-private partnership, University of Florida scientist Zachary Brym wants to see if he can utilize plants to store carbon in clay soil in Polk County. Eventually, he’d like to see how collections of crops and other plants can ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Agroecology, Agronomy, Carbek, Carbon, Carbon Sequestration, Crops, Ecosystem Services, Plants, Polk County, Regenerative Agriculture, Soil, Soil Health, Tropical Research And Education Center, Zachary Brym

While volunteers keep an ‘Eye on Seagrass,’ Florida Sea Grant launches new website for the citizen science program

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September 5, 2023

Citizen scientists help preserve seagrasses in the Panhandle and Southwest Florida through a program called Eyes on Seagrass, which now has a dedicated webpage where potential volunteers can learn more. The efforts of the people who give ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Algae, Charlotte County, Citizen Scientists, Escambia County, Eyes On Seagrass, Florida Sea Grant, Kate Rose, Laura Reynolds, Lee County, Rick O'Connor, Santa Rosa County, Sarasota County, Seaweed, Soil, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, Volunteers, Water

From hoops star to AI scientist, UF/IFAS researcher hopes to help Florida farmers protect their soil

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August 22, 2023

Basketball took center stage for Nikos Tziolas as he grew up in Greece. It shaped him into a team player, a trait he took into his career as an agricultural engineer. His team even earned second place in the Greek adult (17-18 years old) ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Basketball, Greece, Machine Learning, Nikos Tziolas, Precision Ag, Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Soil, Soil And Water Sciences, Soil Spectroscopy, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, Southwest Florida Research And Education Center, Water

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