Edible Landscaping in Central Florida

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 The concept of edible landscaping primarily applies to growing vegetables, herbs and fruit trees in a way where it fits in with your home landscape. There are many synonyms for edible landscaping such as permaculture, food forests, agroecology and more. With proper plant selection and cultural practices, you can have a beautiful edible landscape that produces food year round in an environmentally friendly way. Use the nine Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles to help guide your landscape decisions to grow edibles in a way that conserves water and reduces fertilizer and pesticide use. Match plants to the site conditions of your yard including soil moisture (wet/dry) and light exposure  (sun/shade). Consult the Dooryard Fruit Varieties EDIS publication to select fruit trees and cultivars appropriate for your region (North, Central, South Florida). Select vegetables for planting each season according to the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide.


Dragonfruit is one of the many perennial plants with edible fruit. Photo: Tia Silvasy, UF/IFAS

Here are some links to edible landscaping resources: 

Edible Landscaping publications 

Ask IFAS: Florida-Friendly Edible Landscaping series (ufl.edu) 

Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide 

SP 103/VH021: Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide (ufl.edu) 

Edibles to Plant Infographics 

Edibles to Plant This Month – Gardening Solutions – University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (ufl.edu) 

Dooryard Fruit Varieties 

FC23/MG248: Dooryard Fruit Varieties (ufl.edu) 

Natural products for Managing Landscape and Garden Pests in Florida 

ENY-350/IN197: Natural Products for Managing Landscape and Garden Pests in Florida (ufl.edu) 

UF FruitScapes website 

FruitScapes – Tropical Fruit Management Program – UF/IFAS (ufl.edu) 


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Posted: June 6, 2024

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