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Why are plants important to aquatic ecosystems?

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February 21, 2024

As Floridians, we love our freshwater resources. Did you know Florida has over 1 million acres of freshwater? That's about the size of Rhode Island! Many of our fondest memories are of boating, fishing, or water skiing in freshwater systems ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Invasive Species, Natural Resources, UF/IFAS Extension, Water
Tags: Aquatic Plants, Natural Resources, Water

3/21/24 GI-BMP in Orange County + Sun Spot Safety Lunch with Swag!

February 8, 2024

That is right! Fertilizer is regulated in Florida and in Orange County and beyond! You are required to learn about it and follow the rules. We want to keep things interesting and beneficial for you, the landscape professionals. This year, UF/IFAS ... READ MORE

Category: Events, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Management, Horticulture, Lawn, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease, Turf, UF/IFAS Extension, Water, Wildlife
Tags: 2023 Classes, Certified Instructor, CEU, CEUs, Cflandscapes, Class, Classes, Clean Water, Continuing Education, Fertilizer, Fertilizer Class, Fertilizer Training, GIBMP, Grass, Grass Class, Green Industries Best Management Practices, Green Industry, Hwooten, Orange County, Regulated Fertilizer, Train, Trainer, Training, Turf, Turfgrass, Water, Water Glass

UF/IFAS scientists address food security in the Caribbean

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February 6, 2024

At their core, land-grant institutions like the University of Florida focus on how science, research and global partnerships can address food-security challenges, develop innovative solutions and efficiently reach those in need. To promote ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Conservation, Crops, Farm Management, Horticulture, Pests & Disease, SFYL Hot Topic, Turf, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Research, Water
Tags: Caribbean, Crop Yields, Fisheries, Food Security, Forestry, Global Food Security, Global Partnerships, Industry And Labour, Institute Of Food And Agricultural Sciences, Jehangir Bhadha, Kelly Morgan, Lincoln Zotarelli, News, Nutrients, Rural Transformation, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Ministry Of Agriculture, Sarah Strauss, Soil, Soil And Water Sciences, Soil Health, Soil Microbiology, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, Taiwan International Cooperation And Development Fund, U.S. Agency For International Development/Eastern And Southern Caribbean Region, U.S. Department Of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service, UF IFAS Everglades Research And Education Center, UF-IFAS, Water, Wildlife Ecology And Conservation

Private Well and Septic System Care Workshop in Marion County

February 6, 2024

Join Us for a Workshop on Private Drinking Well Maintenance, Well Water Quality, and Septic System Care in Marion County! Are you concerned about the safety of your drinking water and the health of your septic system? Your worries end here! ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Health & Nutrition, Home Management, Water
Tags: Drinking Water, Florida Well Owner Network, FWON, Onsite Systems, Private Wells, Septic Systems, Sewer, Water, Water Testing, Well Water
Glass of water with tropical plants in background

Sipping With Confidence: All About Sarasota County’s Drinking Water

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January 18, 2024

Sarasota County is privileged to source its drinking water from diverse outlets, combining surface and well water to cater to the county's needs. The Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority contributes roughly half of the county's ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Natural Resources, Water, Work & Life
Tags: Conservation, Drinking Water, Pgm_Water, Public Water Supply, Water, Water Quality
Low maintenance landscape

Low-Maintenance Landscaping: Ornamental Grasses

December 21, 2023

Low-Maintenance Ornamental Grasses Ornamental grasses, unlike turfgrasses, are true grasses or plants that have the appearance of grass. They are often used to border landscapes or accent plant beds. Keep reading to learn about some grasses ... READ MORE

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Landscaping, Low, Maintenance, Pgm_Chemicals, Pgm_HortRes, Pgm_Water, Water

Quantifying the Value of Benefits derived from Agricultural Lands

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December 7, 2023

Hundreds of species of wildlife live on private, agricultural land. As a result, farmers and ranchers are environmental stewards, as maintaining their land to support agriculture also plays a key role in providing wildlife ecosystems in addition ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Agricultural Lands, Carbon Sequestration, Cattle, Easements, Ecosystem Services, Environment, Farmers, Florida Wildlife Corridor, Grazing Lands, Ranches, Water, Wildlife
Low maintenance landscape

Low-Maintenance Landscaping: Groundcovers

November 21, 2023

Groundcovers are low-to-the-ground plants that you can use to help fill out your landscape. Keep reading to learn about some groundcover plants that require minimal watering and care in Sarasota County. Note: The following information is ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Lawn, Water
Tags: Alternative, Grass, Groundcovers, Landscaping, Lawn, Lml, Low, Maintenance, Pgm_Water, Water

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