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Big Questions, Global Reach – Dr. Xu “Kevin” Wang

August 24, 2023

Historical Evolution of Selective Breeding and Genetic Traits For many centuries, farmers and ranchers have made careful selections from their crops and herds based on desirable qualities. The selected individuals are then bred to produce a ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, UF/IFAS Research
Tags: ABE, Agricultural And Biological Engineering, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Engineering, Machine Learning

From hoops star to AI scientist, UF/IFAS researcher hopes to help Florida farmers protect their soil

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August 22, 2023

Basketball took center stage for Nikos Tziolas as he grew up in Greece. It shaped him into a team player, a trait he took into his career as an agricultural engineer. His team even earned second place in the Greek adult (17-18 years old) ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Basketball, Greece, Machine Learning, Nikos Tziolas, Precision Ag, Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Soil, Soil Spectroscopy, Soil Water And Ecosystem Sciences, Southwest Florida Research And Education Center, Water

UF/IFAS AI seminars aim to share research advancements

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August 10, 2023

The UF/IFAS Faculty AI Working Group is presenting a series of seminars from faculty across UF/IFAS as well as external speakers to build a robust scholarly community on artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. It will provide a platform ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Chang Zhao, Dana Choi, Digital Twin, Ecosystem Services, Faculty AI Working Group, Food, Nikos Tziolas, Precision Ag, Soil, Tie Liu

Big Questions, Global Reach – Dr. Sandra Guzmán

July 17, 2023

The Power of Machine Learning Today, agricultural engineering includes the wide range of technologies and disciplines that must be employed to meet the challenges of a new century. A hundred years ago, agricultural engineers were developing ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, UF/IFAS Research, Water
Tags: ABE, Agricultural And Biological Engineering, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Irrigation, Machine Learning, Water
bright red strawberries held in the palm of two hands

UF scientists see bright future as they seek savory strawberries – and high yield

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June 8, 2023

Strawberry consumers love the fruit’s sweet flavor, and University of Florida scientists are trying to meet that desire, while also helping growers produce high yields. But genes and volatile compounds that control flavor are difficult ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture
Tags: AI, Aroma, Artificial Intelligence, Flavor, Genetics, Gulf Coast Research And Education Center, Kevin Wang, Mark Porter, Plant Breeding Ph.D. Program, Precision Ag, Seonghee Lee, Strawberries, Strawberry Breeding, Strawberry Genome, Taste Panels, Vance Whitaker

Now brewing: Coffee research in Florida

June 5, 2023

The United States is consistently among the top coffee-consuming nations in the world, largely importing its favorite beans from South American countries such as Brazil and Colombia. University of Florida researcher Felipe Ferrao says the ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Crops, UF/IFAS Research
Tags: AI, Ali Sarkhosh, Artificial Intelligence, Charles Sims, Coffee Research, Denise Tieman, Felipe Ferrao, Guilherme Locatelli, HiPerGator, Jonathan Crane, LIFT AI, Lorenzo Rossi, Marcio Resende, Patricio Munoz, Precision Ag, Precision Agriculture, Raquel Dias, SEEDIT, UF Sensory Laboratory, Werner Collante, William Hammond
River grass beneath the Ichetucknee River.

A ChatGPT Poem: Water Conservation in Florida

April 17, 2023

April is Water Conservation Month! Since it is also National Poetry Month, we thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT to write us a poem about water conservation in Florida. Here is the unedited response: “Sure, here's a poem about water conservation ... READ MORE

Category: Home Landscapes, Natural Resources, Water
Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, H2OSAV, Irrigation, Lawn, UF IFAS Extension, UF IFAS Water Agents, Water Conservation, Water Conservation Month

From a small town in China, engineer helps lead UF/IFAS AI programs to new heights

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April 10, 2023

Changying “Charlie” Li comes from humble roots. He was born in the tiny town of Balikun – population about 10,000 – in northwestern China. Now, he’s a new UF/IFAS professor of agricultural and biological engineering, and he’s ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Agricultural And Biological Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Charlie Li, China, Norway, Phenotypes, Precision Agriculture, Robotics, STEM, University Of Georgia

Forum tackles how AI can help deal with global food security

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March 13, 2023

With the world’s population predicted to hover around 9.8 billion by 2050, artificial intelligence could help feed people across the globe now and in the future. That makes artificial intelligence (AI) an ideal topic for the third annual Future ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Adegbola Adesogan, Agricultultural And Biological Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Charlie Li, Crops, Diseases, Future Of Food Forum, Harvest, HiPerGator, J. Scott Angle, Karen Garrett, Microbiology And Cell Science, Plant Pathology, Raquel Dias, Supply Chain

Using AI technology can find, help control smutgrass, which can take over pastures and cost ranchers plenty

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February 2, 2023

Smutgrass can spread quickly and take over grazing lands, leaving cattle with little left to eat. “It can completely invade a pasture within three years, if left untreated. It is quite common to see pastures in Southern Florida that are ... READ MORE

Category: UF/IFAS
Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Invasive, Precision Agriculture, Range Cattle Research And Education Center, Smutgrass, UF IFAS Agronomy

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