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hydroponic lettuces in growing tray

Bring Home Hydroponics for the Holidays!

November 3, 2020

Interested in growing your own? Need a gift for the green thumb? Give the gift that keeps on giving, or harvest your own homegrown hydroponic lettuce for your holiday meal! Join UF/IFAS Extension to learn about options for growing food in ... READ MORE

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Tags: Agriculture, Cflandscapes, Grow Your Own, Holiday, Holiday Shopping, Homegrown, Hwooten, Hydro, Hydroponics, Kratky, Kratky Method, Lettuce, Noncirculating, Set It And Forget It, Urban Ag, Urban Agriculture, Water

Backyard Honey Beekeeping 101

April 5, 2016

Join the movement to protect pollinators to ensure healthy ecosystems and food security. Yes, become a backyard honey beekeeping! But first learn the basics from the experts and the requirements necessary to successfully do it in your backyard ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Pgm_Ag, Urban Ag

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