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Grocery Shopping for Your Health: Poultry

In our last post in the “Grocery Shopping for Your Health” series, we focused on the home pantry. Today, we trek back to the store, hitting the poultry area to talk turkey (and chicken and more). In the… Read More

After the holiday meal, it’s time to make some yummy, nutritious leftovers

You’ve finished your holiday meal, including perhaps, seconds. The aroma of traditional foods still wafts from the kitchen. Lots of people will make leftovers, whether it’s turkey sandwiches or a veggie dish. But some UF/IFAS Extension agents suggest… Read More

Chill! Or, How to Safely Thaw a (Thanksgiving) Turkey

By Dr. Maria Rometo Extension Agent II Thanksgiving is right around the corner, along with all the holiday planning of meals and guest lists. But how do you safely thaw that frozen turkey you purchased a few weeks… Read More