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Water conservation starts with irrigation, report finds

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March 22, 2022

Florida is expected to grow by another 15 million people by the year 2070, according to the Florida 2070 Project. This means more homes, more yards with permanent in-ground sprinkler systems and a greater impact to the state’s water supply. To ... READ MORE

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Pop-up, in-ground sprinkler head and home irrigation system. Photo taken 10-01-20.

Learning about Home Water Use

February 2, 2022

Water is a vital part of everyday life. Florida, with its growing population, has seen an increase in water use. Understanding household water consumption can support conservation efforts. H2OSAV has a series of fact sheets on Ask IFAS that ... READ MORE

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Your Watershed “Address:” What is it, and Why it’s Important

January 9, 2013

No matter our distance from a lake, wetland, river, or coastline, we all live within the boundaries of a watershed. In fact, all land on earth is part of a watershed and all habitats exist within a watershed boundary. The size of watersheds ... READ MORE

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