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UF/IFAS study: New mosquito species reported in Florida

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March 22, 2023

Another new mosquito species has made its way across the tropics into Florida, making a permanent home in at least three counties. Scientists are concerned because of the rate of new mosquitoes arriving in Florida and the potential for them ... READ MORE

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Brown Basilisk courtesy Steve A. Johnson

Nonnative lizard that appears to walk on water thrives in Florida

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September 7, 2022

Florida has three times as many nonnative established lizards as native ones. Among Florida’s approximately 50 species of nonnative lizards is the brown basilisk, a species now thriving in south and central Florida. In a new peer-reviewed ... READ MORE

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UF study: Disease-carrying mosquitoes abound in deforested lands

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October 9, 2017

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Most disease-transmitting mosquito species live in deforested areas, a finding that may influence decisions on where and when to cut down trees, a new University of Florida study shows. Deforestation occurs when people ... READ MORE

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