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Playing it SAFE!!!

September 14, 2022

Safe can be defined as protected from or not exposed to danger or risk. Safety and wellbeing can come in waves when working in the agricultural field, as agriculturist we are considered to be among the most hazardous occupations in terms of ... READ MORE

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National Farm Safety and Health Week: COVID-19 Farm Safety

September 21, 2020

What is National Farm Safety and Health Week? Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the United States, but also one of the most hazardous. Many injuries seen in agriculture can be prevented through proper training and education. ... READ MORE

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Tags: Covid-19, Educational Resources, Farm Safety, Farmers, Farmworkers

Zika Virus and Mosquito Control – Recommendations for Beekeepers and Rural Landowners

September 23, 2016

Judy Biss, UF/IFAS Extension Calhoun County Office, Jace Ford, Calhoun County Mosquito Control, Jeff Pippin, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Apiary Inspection By now you have probably heard about Zika Virus that is transmitted ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Work & Life
Tags: Beekeeping, Disease, Farm Safety, General Agriculture, Insects, Panhandle Agriculture, Pest Management

Hurricane Prep for Ag Producers

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August 31, 2015

Agricultural producers face unique challenges when preparing for and recovering from disasters. With that in mind, we have summarized relevant information from our Disaster Handbook for you. We also offer guidelines and safety tips for restoring ... READ MORE

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Disaster Preparation, Farm Management, Livestock, SFYL Hot Topic, Work & Life
Tags: Agriculture Hot Topic, Disaster, Disaster Preparation, Farm Management, Farm Safety, Farmer, Hurricane, Hurricane Preparation, Livestock, Rancher

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