Looking Back on Extension’s 100th Anniversary

2014 has been a memorable year for number of reasons–some good, some not so good. But for thousands of Extension agents in Florida, and tens of thousands more across the country, 2014 was notable for one very important thing: it was the 100th Anniversary of the Cooperative Extension Service in the United States. In 1914, the U.S. Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act, which established the funding states needed to bring science-based agricultural and home economics education from land-grant universities to the public. Smith-Lever represented a huge leap forward in improving public education, the production and safety of agriculture, and the quality of life for millions of Americans. A birthday this significant could not go uncelebrated. Centennial events throughout the year served as an opportunity to raise public awareness about Extension, as well as discuss Extension’s role in providing education to solve the problems of the next 100 years. But mostly, it was an opportunity for people to have fun and celebrate Extension’s 100-year history of service to the people of Florida. The anniversary year actually began in the fall of 2013, when a group of full-sized standup photos of Seaman Knapp, Hoke Smith and Asbury Lever began circulating through county Extension offices around the state.

St. Lucie County Extension personnel pose with “the 3 guys”–Asbury Lever, Hoke Smith and Seaman Knapp.

The year’s events began on January 31, when Florida A&M University held a Centennial Kickoff Celebration at the Perry-Paige Auditorium on the FAMU campus.

Florida A&M University faculty take part in the Centennial Kick-off Celebration on the FAMU campus.

The Florida State Fair in Tampa in February offered an excellent opportunity for fair-goers to learn about Extension’s many contributions to public education, and the Extension exhibit attracted thousands of visitors and dignitaries from around the state.

Visitors to the Extension exhibit at the Florida State Fair included Governor Rick Scott, Comissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, Associate Director for FAMU Extension Vonda Richardson and UF/IFAS Dean for Extension Nick Place.

April 17 saw a large anniversary party on the UF campus. Extension personnel from all over the state came to see exhibits, enjoy fresh-from-Florida food, and listen to distinguished speakers, including Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, IFAS Vice President Jack Payne and Dean for UF/IFAS Extension Nick Place talk about the past, present and future of Extension.

UF 5
Visitors take in displays at the Extension Anniversary Celebration on the University of Florida campus.
UF 2
UF/IFAS Senior VP for Agriculture and Natural Resources Jack Payne, left, talks with Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam at the Florida Extension Anniversary.
UF 3
UF/IFAS Dean for Extension Nick Place (center) helps to cut the cake at the anniversary celebration.

May 8 was the actual date of the Anniversary, and it involved simultaneous celebration across the state and nation, while an official convocation was celebrated in Washington D.C.

WP_003946 tb (3)
A Seaman Knapp re-enactor poses with Lever, Smith and Knapp at the PILD Conference in Washington D.C.
A flag ceremony was part of the convocation for the 100th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act in Washington D.C.

Throughout the year, many county Extension offices celebrated the centennial with open houses, proclamations in state and local government, and other special events. Social media helped to spread the word about Extension celebrations, and along with news programs, newspaper stories, interviews, and press releases, helped to raise awareness about the good work Extension does in local communities.

St Lucie 3
There was music and entertainment in St. Lucie County…
Nassau 1S
There were parades in Nassau County…
Pinellas 3_S
Living history demonstrations in Pinellas County…
Citrus 4
…And lots of delicious and festively decorated cake, such as this one in Citrus County.

In September, UF/IFAS’ exhibit at The Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultry Georgia focused on the theme of Solutions for the Next 100 Years. Vistors to the exhibit could follow a giant timeline of Extension’s century of accomplishments and see demonstrations of Extension education.

It has been a pleasure to document the Extension Centennial, as well as to write the Extension History blog. We will be continuing to mark Extension’s milestones through social media on “Throwback Thursday.” However, a new year will soon be upon us, and it’s time to focus our energies on what UF/IFAS has always done best: looking toward the future and working cooperatively to help the people of Florida find solutions for the next 100 years.

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