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Beef cattle in Florida

Striking Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly in Florida Relies on Sound Pasture Management Decisions

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May 2, 2023

Pollinators are of extreme importance to our Florida Flatwoods ecosystem. They are responsible for transferring genes of plants from one flower to another increasing fruit set in wild and domesticated species. By doing so, these organisms ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Farm Management, Invasive Species, Livestock, Natural Resources, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension, , Wildlife
Tags: Bahiagrass, Butterfly, Cattle, Extension, Florida, Hardee, Pasture, Pawpaw, Soils, Swallowtail, Zebra, Zebra Swallowtail

Better with Butterflies: Pipevine Swallowtail

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May 9, 2022

Welcome back to our monthly blog in which we discuss a few interesting facts about butterflies in general and a specific type of butterfly, focusing this month on the pipevine swallowtail. This month I want to talk about how to distinguish ... READ MORE

Category: , Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Horticulture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Butterflies, Butterfly, Butterfly Garden, Florida Friendly, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Garden, Gardening, Landscaping, Moth, Swallowtail

Better with Butterflies: The Giant Swallowtail

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March 4, 2022

Have you ever noticed that most butterflies have different patterns on the tops and undersides of their wings? The topsides are thought to be colored to attract mates and, in some cases, to warn predators. Since butterflies rest with their wings ... READ MORE

Category: , Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Pests & Disease
Tags: Butterflies, Butterfly, Florida Friendly, Garden, Gardening, Landscape, Landscaping, Master Gardener, Master Gardener Volunteer, Pollinator, Swallowtail

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