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a pontoon boat on a boat lift, with a threatening storm in the distance.

Hurricane Prep: Securing Your Boat

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May 5, 2019

Hurricanes are incredibly violent storms that can bring intense winds, heavy rain, floods, storm surge, landslides, tornadoes, and coastal erosion. These storms are capable of causing incredible damage, and the key to protecting your boat is ... READ MORE

Category: Disaster Preparation, Home Management, Natural Resources
Tags: Boating, Disaster, Hurricane, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Preparation, Hurricane Preparedness, Paxton Evans, Shannon Carnevale, Storm
Close up photo of a large green iguana

Nonnative Lizards in Central Florida

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October 17, 2017

Plants and animals that live outside of their native ranges as a result of human activity are known as nonnative species. Although not all nonnative species become invasive, those that do have the ability to harm ecology, economy, and human ... READ MORE

Category: Invasive Species, Natural Resources, Wildlife
Tags: Central Florida, Commonly Confused, Critter Corner, Invasive Species, Nonnative Species, Paxton Evans, Reptiles, Shannon Carnevale
Several adult individuals, Glyptotendipes paripes, one of the species commonly referred to as "Blind mosquitoes.

Aquatic Midges, also known as “Blind Mosquitoes”

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October 11, 2017

Blind mosquitoes are a type of freshwater midge. This particular type of midge does not bite, suck blood, or carry diseases. However, blind mosquitoes can still be a nuisance and their populations are often extremely difficult to manage. Read ... READ MORE

Category: Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, Water
Tags: Aquatic Midges, Blind Mosquitoes, Freshwater Midges, Midges, Mosquitoes, Paxton Evans, Shannon Carnevale
Palm trees blowing in the wind

Hurricane Recovery: Wind-Resistant Trees for Home, Business, and Park Landscaping

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September 21, 2017

Urban forests are the trees that surround our homes, streets, parking lots, schools, and parks. Urban forests can be used to help mitigate the negative effects caused by urbanization and development. While urban forests have many benefits, some ... READ MORE

Category: Disaster Preparation, Home Landscapes, Natural Resources
Tags: Hurricane Preparedness, Parks, Paxton Evans, Shannon Carnevale, Trees, Urban Forests

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