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Q:  Parts of my bottlebrush tree are dying and it appears to be growing leaves and flowers only on one side of the tree.  What would cause this?

A:  I appreciate you bringing me clippings of the tree. It was especially important to bring in limbs with living leaves still attached. It is often difficult to determine the cause of a problem if the only material… Read More

STEM+Agriculture and 4-H!

What is “STEAM”? Science, technology, engineering, agriculture (or art!), and math! It is important that youth have opportunities to engage in these fields, as they instill critical thinking, curiosity, global engagement, and the confidence to change the world… Read More

Community Garden Success Story in Pasco

Just three months into the development of a community garden with our partner, at the Hilltop Landings Community (Pasco Housing Authority) in Dade City, and already great strides have been made. Community members have taken over all of… Read More

Growing Minds…and Vegetables

It’s the end of the school year, which, to the Family Nutrition Program, means one main thing: garden harvests! We were invited to several of the garden harvest events at the schools, where the children pick the vegetables… Read More