Making Money with 4-H – Financial Literacy

Welcome to Financial Literacy Month with 4-H! As we celebrate this important month, we’re excited to share valuable insights on managing money and maximizing earnings through your participation in 4-H, especially as many of our youth will soon be receiving premium money and fair sale checks from their recent fair participation.

Understanding Your Earnings:

– As a 4-H member who participated in the fair, you may be receiving premium money for your entries and/or fair sale checks for animals sold at auction.

– Take time to understand the breakdown of your earnings, including any deductions or fees.

– Consult with your 4-H leaders or advisors if you have any questions about your earnings or the process.

Setting Financial Goals:

– Financial literacy starts with setting clear goals for your money. Whether it’s saving for college, investing in future projects, or donating to charity, having goals can help you make informed financial decisions.

– Consider creating a budget to track your earnings and expenses, allowing you to allocate funds towards your goals effectively.

Maximizing Your Earnings:

– Explore opportunities within 4-H to maximize your earnings and financial skills. From raising and selling animals to participating in entrepreneurial projects, 4-H offers various avenues for youth to make money while learning valuable skills.

– Take advantage of resources provided by 4-H, such as workshops on financial management and entrepreneurship, to enhance your understanding of money matters.

Building Financial Skills:

– Financial literacy is more than just earning money; it’s about understanding how to manage and grow your finances responsibly.

– Learn about concepts like budgeting, saving, investing, and charitable giving to build a strong foundation for your financial future.

– Engage in hands-on activities and projects that promote financial literacy, such as managing a savings account, participating in stock market simulations, or starting a small business.

Investing in Your Future:

– Remember that the money you earn through 4-H is not only a reward for your hard work but also an opportunity to invest in your future.

– Consider setting aside a portion of your earnings for savings or investments that can benefit you in the long term, such as education funds or retirement accounts.

Financial Literacy Month is an excellent time to reflect on your financial goals and take proactive steps towards achieving them. By leveraging your earnings from 4-H participation wisely and building essential financial skills, you can pave the way for a brighter and more financially secure future. Let’s make the most of our 4-H experiences and empower ourselves to thrive both in and out of the show ring!


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Posted: March 31, 2024

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