Let’s Keep Moving! – Strength

In our “Let’s Keep Moving!” series, we’re looking at different types of physical activities and how they can benefit our health. Today, we’re discussing your strength.

Even small increases in muscle strength can make a big difference in your ability to stay independent and carry out everyday activities such as climbing stairs and carrying groceries.

Some people call using weight to improve your muscle strength “strength training” or “resistance training.”

image with hand weights and an athletic shoeSome physical activities that build your strength can include the following:

  • Lifting weights – find a system that works for you, whether that involves hand weights, kettle balls, barbells or gym machines
  • Using resistance bands – note that different color bands often signal difference in resistance, which will affect your workout
  • Exercising in a pool – swimming or working out in water is easier on your joints.

One very useful tip for strength training, including exercising in the pool or water, is to always have a partner. This not only will help to motivate you, but, more importantly, it will provide you an extra margin of safety, should the unexpected occur.

In our next post, we will look at ways to improve your balance, and how that can help you in daily activities..


Posted: November 13, 2019

Category: Health & Nutrition, Work & Life
Tags: Activity, Balance, Endurance, Exercise, Fitness, Flexibility, Let's Keep Moving, Pgm_FCS, Strength

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