Hands holding budding plant in soil

Agricultural operators and forest landowners interested in adding technology or techniques that foster conservation have a new window to apply for federal funding to offset costs.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued the following press release with details on eligibility and applying for funding:
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owls in citrus county

Imagine a backyard refuge where butterflies flit around, songbirds splash in a birdbath, and hummingbirds dart from flower to flower. It’s a beautiful, serene scene; one that can benefit Florida wildlife.

And you can make it real, with help from the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program.

Our journey through the program’s nine principles hits the midway point with a look at doing just that, with the “Attract Wildlife” principle. It’s a principle tightly intertwined with the others, and one that’s relatively easy to adopt.

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Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ – Mulch

workers apply mulch to a garden

Do you have an area where nothing will grow, an area of barren ground? A place that is hard to irrigate, mow or maintain? Consider mulching it.

One of the Nine Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™, mulching offers an aesthetic that can boost curb appeal by highlighting landscape features and masking problem areas, but it also provides an array of benefits for you and the environment.

Mulch is effective at controlling or suppressing weeds, and helps to retain soil moisture, which reduces irrigation demand. Mulch also moderates soil temperature, improves soil fertility, prevents erosion, and decomposes to add organic matter to soil, thereby reducing fertilizer needs.

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Parmesan Roasted Florida Snap Beans

The first season of One Seed is winding down, and you’ve got a bounty of green beans. What are you going to do with all that goodness? How about trying a wonderful recipe for “Parmesan Roasted Florida Snap Beans,” from our friends at Fresh from Florida? It’s quick, easy and delicious.
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Fertilizer can increase the beauty and health of lawn and landscape.

When used correctly.

Used incorrectly, however, it can wreak havoc on yards, ecosystems and more.

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