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Hurricane season can be worrisome for many of us in Florida, especially when it comes to preparing and hardening our homes. The Florida Department of Financial Services is offering a unique opportunity for homeowners to receive state-matched funding towards hurricane hardening projects starting on July 1st. My Safe Florida Home is a grant program offering 2:1 matching of homeowner investments towards window, door, and/or roof improvements. We broke down what you need to know to take advantage of this program below.

What is Hurricane Hardening?

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Many of us prepare for the upcoming storm season by purchasing extra necessities, being mindful of the weather, and maybe even putting your storm shutters up. “Hardening” your home during hurricane season takes this preparation a step further, through repairing and improving the infrastructure of your home to prevent damage during a storm.

You can think of hardening your home before a storm, like getting a car repair or tune-up done before you go on a road trip – making sure any potential issues are fixed before you put it to the test. “Hardening” your home also has cost-saving benefits because repairing and sealing your home can reduce your heating and cooling costs!



How Do I Apply?

Any interested homeowner in Florida can apply for the My Safe Florida Home grant program, so long as the home is single-family or a townhome.

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This grant is not exclusive of other home-improvement incentives either, meaning you can use the My Safe FL Home state-matched funds alongside other tax credits, rebates, or discounts for the same project. Applying for the My Safe FL Home program will not impact your ability to apply for other state-funded programs.

Applications open on July 1st, but interested homeowners should make an online account now to be ahead of the game. Register here to be a step ahead when applications open!


What Do I Get?

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Before beginning projects, accepted applicants receive a free wind mitigation audit from a state-licensed contractor. For this, a professional will come to your home and perform tests to see how vulnerable it is to hurricane-force winds. This helps contractors to see how urgently your home needs repairs and even identify problems you may not have noticed before.

If the contractor determines that your home needs improvements, then you will receive notification that you can apply for state-matched grant funds through the My Safe FL Home program. You are not obligated to apply for funding if you are approved for the grant, but there is no guarantee that matched funds will be available if you wait to decide.

Per the official My Safe FL Home website, below is a list of qualifying projects that state-matched funding can be used towards:

  • Roof Improvements (townhomes not eligible)
    • Strengthening roof deck attachments
    • Reinforcement of roof-to-wall connections
    • Installation of secondary water barrier
  • Exterior Door Improvements
  • Garage Door Improvements
  • Window Improvements


Other Resources

If you need a little more assistance to properly harden your home, we’ve provided some resources below that can be combined with My Safe FL Home funds to maximize your cost-savings:




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