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Category: Pests & Disease

Air Potato Leaf Beetles Available to Florida Residents

air potato vine and tubers. UF/IFAS File Photo

UPDATE: UF/IFAS concluded their 5-yr air potato leaf beetle distribution Extension program in September 2019. To request beetles from Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, click: You may recognize the long twining vines and glossy heart-shaped leaves of… Read More

Aquatic Midges, also known as “Blind Mosquitoes”

Several adult individuals, Glyptotendipes paripes, one of the species commonly referred to as "Blind mosquitoes.

Blind mosquitoes are a type of freshwater midge. This particular type of midge does not bite, suck blood, or carry diseases. However, blind mosquitoes can still be a nuisance and their populations are often extremely difficult to manage…. Read More