Parent Guided/Student Driven Plan for High Schoolers

Now that kids are settling in to their school routines and the academics sessions are in full gear, it is a great time to begin the discussion and planning to ensure your child’s success well out of high school.

Setting Goals

high school goalsHelp your child plan for their future, remember, a plan is a point of departure, consider it a fluid document that can change. Your high schooler should begin to set goals and work to achieve them. Don’t do it for them-teach them how to do it. Help your teen become a goal-oriented person that prepares a plan and works to achieve just that. I can’t overemphasize how important this skill is. Organizations all over the world spend millions of dollars each year trying to teach their employees how to plan and manage their priorities.

Money Management

SAVE spelled with scrabble pieces on top of dollar billsTeach your child how to manage money. Instead of making purchases for them, provide them a budget/allowance and show them how to make purchases. Help them find ways to earn money through a part time or after school job- this will help them gain some work experience and save some money.

School Activities

Be sure they are involved with a school activity. There is a wide range of opportunities -get them plugged in. From ROTC to Band, Athletics, 4-H and FFA. Encourage them to find their passion.

Leadership Skills

words describing high school leadershipStart developing leadership and team building skills. Encourage them to commit to high school courses that prepare them for their career. Explain to them how important this fundamental course work is to the future success. If they are college bound focus on four years of math, science, English, foreign language, and government, civics, and economics. I have never learned much from an easy teacher!

High School can be a tough time for arising adults! Helping them build a plan for their future will provide them with a road map for their future. Encourage them to start thinking about college or Tech school. Ask them the question: Do you want to be somebody? Or do you want to:…..Do something with your life? There is a big difference.


Posted: September 24, 2021

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