4-H County Events in a National Pandemic

4-H County Events is a treasured program in Taylor County. This program has allowed more than fifty-seven youth to participate for the past few years. This 4-H Clover made with 4-h program is where many 4-Hers are able to showcase their 4-H Project through demonstrations, illustrated talks and Share-the-Fun. County Events is the central place where many 4-H Volunteers, youth, parents and extension agents gather for awards and recognition and enjoy a meal together. County Events is known to be the grand finale of the project year in Taylor County

Working Around Adversity

4-H Logo: Forever 4-HBecause of the Covid-19 Pandemic that restricted all face-to-face gatherings, the 4-H agent was tasked with coming up with an alternative solution that would allow 4-Hers to demonstrate their work, even though it wasn’t in person. The local 4-H agent responded quickly and contacted each participant that pre-registered for county events individually. This was done through phone calls, emails and Facebook. Youth were provided with a virtual option to submit their presentations to the 4-H agent via text or email. They were provided a due date as well.

Virtual County Events

Because of the virtual County Events option, more than half of the pre-registered participants took part in the first Virtual County Event program in Taylor County. Each participant sent their video in the their 4-H agent to judge.

Participants included: Jaylee Peake with her presentation on, “How to Raise Baby Lambs”, Jade Fletcher with her presentation, “How to Make Masks for the Community”, Noah Aman with his demonstration, “How to Groom a Cow for Show”, Raylee Harris with her presentation, “Horses”, Hannah Claire Curry with her presentation, “How to Use a Bow and Arrow”, Susanna Curry with her demonstration, “How to Groom a Horse”, Chase and Hannah Colson with their team demonstration, “How to Prepare a Brooder for Baby Chicks”, Liz Newman with her presentation “Ear Notching”, Wyatt Newman with his demonstration, “How to Train a Dog”, Caden Shrieve with his demonstration, “Crab Traps”, Christopher Amador with his demonstration, “Drawing”, and Robert Swain with his demonastration, “Karate”.

Although the treasured County Event program wasn’t done exactly like it had been done in the past years, 4-H members adapted to the change and participated. 4-H members learned that even in a pandemic like Covid-19, 4-H youth can still showcase their project work and talents in a different way.

If you would like to know more about 4-H projects, curriculum and events, contact your local extension office.



Posted: May 4, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers, Curriculum
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