New Year, New You?!?!

A new year means it’s time for new year’s resolutions, right? For 2021, why not go gentle on the resolutions, keeping in mind that your nerves might be frayed, your zest for a life overhaul a bit depleted? You might look at resolutions as ways to tinker with your habits, not to totally replace them.

Make it Attainable

New Year/New YearInstead of declaring, “This is the year I get fit!,” start with something small, specific and attainable — this might be resolving to take a walk or jog, do a yoga video or stretch before bed a certain number of times per week. A small, achievable resolution is the perfect foundation on which to build. Get the satisfaction of following through on a reasonable goal, then you can build on it over the course of the year.

Start with Small Changes

If eating healthier is your goal, start with small changes in your diet. For some people an all or none mentality sets them up for failure. You might choose to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet or have a fruit smoothie to replace your breakfast each day. Small changes can be easier to follow through with and stick to long term.New Years Resolution List

One resolution might be to limit your social media. Maybe this is the time that you add that walk in or prepare a new healthier recipe. By replacing one habit with another healthier habit, this is a good way to slowly add new positive changes into your life.

New Year, New You Take Control of Your HealthMaybe this is the year you want to declutter and simplify. Start with a drawer, an area in a room or even your vehicle. Research actually shows clutter causes stress and is bad for your health. So, by making little changes to declutter your life, you are actually improving your overall health.

Whether your resolution is to get healthier or simplify your life, remember 2020 was hard on all of us so don’t put more undo stress on yourself with unrealistic goals, just start small.


Posted: January 6, 2021

Category: Health & Nutrition, Relationships & Family, Work & Life
Tags: Attainable, Changes, Goals, Health, Life, Mental Health, New Year, Resolutions

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