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Sesame Added To List of Top Allergens

January 17, 2023

When someone has an allergic reaction, it is the body’s response to a protein in a food. The body thinks the protein is dangerous and begins to attack it. Eating, touching, or smelling the food can cause a reaction. The reactions range from ... READ MORE

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COVID has Improved Food Safety

March 29, 2021

Silver Lining One of the silver linings of COVID pandemic for me as a food safety instructor has been the increased focus on handwashing and sanitizing surfaces. I am especially thrilled about increased handwashing since the correlation between ... READ MORE

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I Did “Nut” know the Best to Store Walnuts

October 27, 2020

AS we get closer to the holiday season, baking is something I look forward to doing. In my family, some like baked goods with nuts and some them without nuts. According to the California Walnut board, the best way to store walnuts is in your ... READ MORE

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