Introducing the Wild Sarasota blog series

A medium sized alligator takes a happy nap alongside a pond. Its skin is covered in little aquatic plants
In Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, a restful gator takes a relaxing nap in the afternoon sun. Photo credit: Zahir Ringgold Cordes.

Wide-ranging, wacky, and most certainly wonderful, Florida is host to some of the most diverse wildlife in our country. The Wild Sarasota blog series and webinars cover wildlife native to Florida, focusing on species found right here in Sarasota County. Explore all the topics on our Florida Wildlife webpage, navigate to the entire blog series, or check out the individual blog titles below to learn more!

About the Series

Wild Sarasota is a series created by the Ecology and Natural Resources program at UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County to foster connection with and conservation of Sarasota’s wildlife. Highlighting local fauna (and sometimes flora), the series began as in-person classes, transitioned to webinars during COVID-19, and now has the addition of a web page with complementary blogs and resource links. The hour-long webinars provide a comprehensive view of each subject covering natural history, identification, conservation status, and so much more. The blog series breaks things up into smaller bites.

Below is a full list of hyperlinked blogs by category. We encourage you to explore the rabbit hole of Sarasota’s wildlife.

Content Overview

photo of burrowing owl standing up in its burrow surrounded by grass
Burrowing Owl. Photo credit: Denis Doukhan, Pixabay.

Florida’s Raptors

Enraptured by Eagles

Eagle Etiquette


Fantastic Falcons

Owl Adaptations


Florida’s Engaging Egrets

Florida’s Wading Birds and the Plume Trade: A Conservation Story

Wonderful Wading Birds

photo of white egret, bird with white feathers, black bill and legs, and yellow feet, walking in shallow water along a dirt shore
Snowy Egret. Credit: Susan Frazier, Pixabay

Sandhill Cranes Stand Out

Wacky Woodpeckers of Florida

Watch Out for Woodpeckers

Florida Scrub-jay: Teenagers help out around the nest!

2023 Bird of the Year: Belted Kingfisher

Our Beautiful Hummingbirds


ComBATting bat myths

Cunning coyotes

A small, spotted white baby deer sits nestled and tucked away in the grass.
Photo credit: Jill Wellington from Pixabay.

White-tailed deer

Feline Faces of Florida



Alligators: nuisance or neighbors

Gopher Tortoise: Celebrate a keystone species: make your yard gopher tortoise-friendly!

Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises: Understanding the Difference: coming soon!

Common Backyard Snakes: coming soon!

Florida’s Venomous Snakes: coming soon!

Check here for new Wild Sarasota blogs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series. To explore more resources pertaining to these topics, head over to our Florida Wildlife webpage for webinars and curated links to resources for further learning.

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Stories of Gratitude for the World of Wildlife

Under Threat


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