Alligators: nuisance or neighbors?

Sarasota County has seen a recent increase in alligator encounters. Why, you may ask? Not only is there approximately one alligator per every 20 humans in Florida and they live in all 67 Florida counties, but alligators are currently looking for mates and water sources. (We are still in a drought even with these recent rains!) What should you do? Be Alligator Smart!

Don’t feed alligators. They’re not meant to eat people food… AND it’s illegal! Fishermen should dispose of fish scraps in the garbage, not around a boat or dock. When alligators begin to associate people with a source for food, they lose their natural fear of humans. This is when they become a danger to people and pets.

Being Alligator Smart offers an opportunity for alligators to be our neighbors and not to become a nuisance. See more in my ABC7 News interview about alligators here. Learn more about alligators, and how to report a possible nuisance alligator at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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Posted: June 7, 2017

Category: Natural Resources, Wildlife
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