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Treejuvenation Florida is a UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County urban forestry program that aims to increase community engagement in activities which promote the benefits of trees, and help residents to recognize and appreciate their tree assets.

TreeQuest: Florida Arbor Day

Each January since 2018, Treejuvenation Florida hosts a TreeQuest scavenger hunt in local parks on Florida Arbor Day. Participants are challenged to find tagged native trees in each park, then submit answers to online clues. Each tree tag has information on myTree Benefits information e.g. ‘pounds of carbon sequestered annually’, and ‘gallons of stormwater intercepted annually’. The myTree Benefits information is derived from iTree tools which use diameter at breast height (DBH) to extrapolate data on the benefits of trees to urban communities.

For more information on TreeQuest, visit the link below.

Adopt-a-Tree: National Arbor Day

Pre-register for the National Arbor Day Adopt-a-Tree event in April. Using the link below, first – watch the tree Care 101 video; next – complete the pre-registration form to receive a ticket.

If you missed our Arbor Day ‘Secret Life of Trees’ Module 1 webinar, you can watch the recording using this link.

Treejuvenation Florida also hosts tree adoption planting demonstrations at libraries to promote National Arbor Day each April. Over 300 trees have been adopted since the program’s launch in 2018. Additional copies of the tree care brochures we distribute at each tree adoption event, are below.

Adopt-a-Tree tree-care brochures:

Talking Trees: Summer Youth Workshops

Each summer, Treejuvenation Florida hosts urban forestry youth activities at libraries and the Extension office, using the Project Learning Tree curriculum. Activities include learning about resources trees need to stay healthy, and ecosystem services which trees provide.

Tree Trail Tour: NeighborWoods Month

Treejuvenation Florida hosts an educational tour of arboreta, parks, and micro-forests, in October to recognize National NeighborWoods month, which is an Arbor Day Foundation project aimed at increasing awareness of the benefits of trees to communities. Learn more about micro-forests by visiting this link

Tree Campus USA

Treejuvenation Florida partnered with New College of Florida in 2018 to complete the certification process for achieving recognition as Florida’s 21st Tree Campus USA location.

For more information on trees and their benefits, visit our other blog pages:






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