Saving money at the grocery store: thinking beyond food

In this series of posts, we’re helping you save money at the grocery store. In this post, we focus on external factors that might also influence your shopping.

When heading off to the store, make sure you have your list, but also make sure to eat before you leave. Going to the store hungry helps you to shop with your eyes and hungry tummy, and not as a savvy shopper.

The next item to keep in mind is to shop alone. Bringing the kids along will increase your chance of spending more, since they likely will want to add snacks, name brands and other items not on your list. That also can hold true for shopping with spouses, partners, friends and others who want to “help” you shop.

Also, think about print or digital coupons, phone applications, and being flexible, like buying store or off-brands, or shopping for fruits and vegetables that are in season, when they typically cost less and are fresher..

Finally, you might consider having the store do your shopping for you, and then you just pick up your groceries. Some stores do this, often for a minimal fee, but it might keep down your impulse buying and will save you time for more important things.


Posted: September 8, 2019

Category: Health & Nutrition, Home Management, Money Matters, Work & Life
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