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17th Annual Sustainable Communities Workshop

Workshop to foster a sustainable community by “Advancing Climate Solutions”

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August 24, 2022

Registration is now open for Sarasota County's 17th Annual Sustainable Communities Workshop on Nov. 01. This day-long, first hybrid (in-person and online) event showcases strategies for healthy, resilient, thriving communities. About the workshop Under ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Natural Resources
Tags: Adaptation, Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change, Conference, Energy Efficiency, Equity, Event, Gardening, Hybrid, Mitigation, Networking, Pgm_Sustain, Renewable Energy, Resiliency, Speakers, Sustainable Communities Workshop, Youth

Anaerobic Digesters

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February 22, 2016

Livestock and dairy producers can use anaerobic digesters to generate and capture biogas from animal manure. Biogas, which is mostly methane, is a renewable fuel that can support energy needs on the farm.1 How do anaerobic digesters work? Anaerobic ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Livestock, SFYL Hot Topic
Tags: Agriculture Hot Topic, Anaerobic Digester, Biogas, Climate Change, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases, Methane, Renewable Energy

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