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Avocado Selection, Storage and Preparation

Delicious green avocados are a nutrient-dense fruit, not a vegetable.  They contain healthy fatty acids, essential amino acids, and more than 20 vitamins and minerals, plus they are a good source of fiber.  They have more potassium than… Read More

The Importance of Submitting Plant Samples to Diagnostic Laboratories

Why Submit a Sample? In this age of modern technology and web based diagnostic platforms, it is becoming much easier for producers and other professionals in plant production to find answers to questions about their growing operations.  Although… Read More

Identification and Management of Creeping Indigo, a Common Florida Weed Toxic to Livestock

Introduction Creeping indigo (Indigofera spicata) is a common Florida weed that has properties that are toxic to livestock, especially horses.  As its name implies, creeping indigo grows very close to the grown in a sprawling manner.  This makes… Read More

Starting a Farm in Alachua County – Land

Assuming that you already have access to the land where you plan to farm (either own it or lease it), one of the first steps to take before starting an agricultural operation is to confirm that the property’s… Read More