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2020 welcomed new Green Business partners

As we turn the calendar year and make our resolutions for 2021, many businesses are looking to have a positive impact on our community.  The Sarasota Modern, Quick Draw Quality Pawn, Boar’s Head, Roof Maxx Technologies, Green Packer Moving Boxes, Pure Nut Mylk, Theia Media Group, Sara-Bay Financial, and Sunflower Market Discount Grocery have made the commitment to make their businesses greener, joining the Sarasota County Green Business Partnership.

The Sarasota Modern is making a positive impact on our community. Starting with a staff green team that works on implementing environmental and sustainability efforts, the Modern has worked hard to implement a successful guest recycling program and has found ways to donate food to local charities in need. As part of the Marriott Tribute Portfolio, the Sarasota Modern has received an annual review that evaluates the hotel’s energy usage and water consumption, and overall environmental performance. They also participate in Marriott’s Make a Green Choice program, that allows guests to earn additional points for electing to reuse towels and linens during their stay.

Quick Draw Quality Pawn’s sustainability measures for the business building include the use of LED and T-12 lighting, reinsulated walls and ceiling, and tinting building-front windows to reduce UV light by 100 percent. The building interior uses repurposed shelving, cabinets and display cases.

Boar’s Head is looking to “Craft a Better Future” through sustainability, Boar’s Head Brand will continue its legacy of uncompromising quality and values that drive social and environmental impact today and for generations to come.

Roof Maxx is working to have a positive impact on our community. From a waste reduction perspective, Roof Maxx works towards a no landfill policy. Their jobsites strive to recycle all the materials. Their products are shipped in reusable and returnable totes cutting down excess waste generation. The mechanical equipment used at jobsites is electric and has no emissions compared to gas powered machinery. Roof Maxx regularly discuss environmental efforts with their staff and had developed a company-wide policy emphasizing their commitment to the conservation of resources and sustainability.

Green Packer Moving Boxes helps eliminate the need for cardboard moving boxes by providing a reusable bin in its place. Green Packer supports the growth of reusable plastic moving containers by simplifying our customers moving needs while providing a cost effective, more efficient moving solution.

Pure Nut Mylk is doing its part to have a positive impact in Sarasota County. The company regularly discusses environmental and sustainability efforts, and promotes green efforts via its website and marketing materials. They are working to eliminate waste by using recyclable products and working to eliminate coolers and material buckets from entering the landfill by shipping back to their suppliers.

Theia Media Agency is doing its part to have a positive impact in Sarasota County. The company regularly discusses environmental and sustainability efforts, and promotes green efforts via its website and marketing materials. The office activity recycles all materials possible including: electronics and printer cartridges. Theia even collects used computers from clients and recycles the parts for them.

Sara-Bay Financial is looking to make a positive impact on the local community. Starting with their staff, Sara-Bay has developed company policies and encourages employees to be involved with suggesting environmental initiatives. They have a recycling program that encourages participation and look to set up programs to eliminate and recycle materials within their office including printer cartridges and shredded paper. They are even considering starting a staff food waste collection for compost. Using local vendors, donating items to organizations and charities, and raising awareness in the community are all part of Sara-Bay’s efforts.

Sunflower Market Discount Grocery not only sells items that are perfectly good, but would otherwise go to the landfill, the store has eliminated single-use plastic bags. They encourage everyone to bring a reusable bag tote, or use the cardboard boxes that the food initially arrives in.

About the Program

The Green Business Partnership is open to all businesses in Sarasota County. Certified Green Business partners operate in an environmentally responsible manner. More than 250 businesses have earned certification. Program certification includes an on-site verification of reduction, reuse and conservation practices in:

  • Business operations;
  • Solid waste management;
  • Recycling; and
  • Energy and water consumption.

Learn more about our Green Business Partnership and apply to become a member.


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