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Green Business partners recognized for environmental efforts

The Sarasota County Green Business Partnership teamed up with the Tampa-based Sustany Foundation to assist in recognizing area businesses that are making positive environmental changes in our region.

Nearly 100 companies from the Gulf Coast region submitted an application to be considered for the green business awards. Nominees were asked to describe how their business operations related to energy use, recycling, community programs, environmental, social and corporate governance investing and diversity.

“This was by far the largest group of nominations we ever received,” said Lorrie Belovich, Sustany executive director.

Sarasota County Green Business partners recognized include:

The non-profit Sustany Foundation promotes sustainability for economic prosperity.

Learn more about the Green Business Partnership at, or call 941-861-5000 or email

3 Comments on “Green Business partners recognized for environmental efforts

  1. I agree it would be great to see Nutritious You nominated. From their plant-based raw vegan food to their eco-friendly packaging, minimizing environmental impact is clearly a priority. In addition, the store uses its platform to organize bi-monthly beach clean-ups.

  2. Nutritious You, Siesta Key, FL deserved to be nominated as a Sarasota Green Business

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