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The word health is defined as a state of being sound in mind, body and spirit. We often take health for granted until it’s gone. Our quest to regain or find it again takes work that can be cumbersome, tedious and frustrating. The importance of staying sound will also take work but the end result is far greater than if we don’t. To quote Benjamin Franklin in saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure has proven true not only in our physical body but in all areas of life. Prevention strategies for our physical bodies can certainly be linked to our lifestyle, how sedentary we are, what we eat, and how we manage stress can all play an important role. Daily physical activity and choosing healthy foods like peppers that are high in Vitamin C or berries that are loaded with antioxidants help prevent our risk for heart disease and certain cancers. What we have in and around our homes are very important for preventing certain health issues as well. Air pollutants inside and outside the home caused by cleaning products, smoke, or candles can cause issues with health. Trees and indoor plants help remove air pollutants and purify the air preventing potential respiratory issues. Home gardens have proven to reduce stress by helping us to refocus what we think about and increase Vitamin D from sunlight which is vital for bone health preventing osteoporosis. On March 24th we will host a 5K walk run and Healthy Living Expo educating residents and offering information on many things that can help keep you healthy. Please go to for more information regarding the 5K and for information on our Healthy Living Expo.


Posted: February 27, 2018

Category: Health & Nutrition
Tags: Food, Healthy Living, Outdoor, Physcial Activity, Plants, Stress

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