2019 Fair Review

This year Nassau County was extremely successful in bringing home the blues AND cultivating character amongst their peers.

We really are incredibly impressed with the level of sportsmanship and genuine care showcased at this year’s Northeast Florida Fair.

Great work, friends!

What I Saw:
  • Older Youth Mentoring
    • In every show ring, I saw peer mentoring, without hesitation, and with true devotion to helping the younger generation succeed.
  • Lots of First-Timers
    • It may have been their first time in the ring or the first time with that species, but so many youth challenged themselves this year by trying something new!
  • Parents Stepping Up
    • It takes a village to mentor and allow youth to grow. Thank you, parents, for looking out for everyone’s family.
  • Youth Cheering for Others
    • This speaks volumes about character. We saw so many cheering for other counties and clubs…which is exactly what we all should do.
  • Lending a Hand
    • Watching the booth, sweeping, sharing tips, helping groom, teaching, and so on… When youth step up to help there peers is when everyone succeeds.
  • Using Kind Words
    • to others and to yourselves…the fair can be stressful so it is very important that we remain kind and stay positive.
  • Great Sportsmanship
    • Taking every opportunity to learn from others, make new goals for yourself, and be proud of your hard work (despite the outcome!).

Thank you to all the club leaders and parents that sent photos to us to share.

Congratulations everyone, and we’ll see you next year!






Posted: October 29, 2019

Category: Clubs & Volunteers

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