What is County Events?

Here in Nassau County our annual County Events is a big deal and happens in March. We know that the name “County Events” isn’t the most helpful when understanding what this key 4-H event is, so we hope this will answer your questions!

County Events is an annual chance for 4-H members to show off their knowledge, skills, and talents in a 4-H project area through multiple semi-formal or thematic competitions. You can share knowledge in a public speech or illustrated talk; teach a skill in a demonstration; show off a talent in share-the-fun; or create something to share through photography, graphic design, chef-in-training, or fashion revue and so on. There is a large freedom given to our youth when selecting and perfecting their annual capstone with specific rubrics available to reference to ensure you get that “blue”. These competitions are for youth of all ages and a fun way to share what you know. There is also the bonus that 4-H’ers can earn up to 2 fair points from participating in two different types of events.

County Events is a progressive contest. Youth earning Blue awards at the county level have the opportunity to compete at the district level. From there Seniors earning Blues can take their presentations to the state level at 4-H University!

So what happens at County Events?…

Speeches & Demonstrations

Public speaking, demonstrations, and illustrated talks are all speaking focused competitions. They have a lot in common, but there are some important differences between the three.

What’s the difference?

How are they the same?

Moving on to District and State

Photography & Graphic Design

The photography and Graphic Design contest are two options for youth to showcase their mastery and creativity during County Events season. Cloverbuds can submit entries for exhibition, but will not be judged. All other entries will be judged using the modified danish system. The highest scoring blue award from each categories moves forward to the State contest, skipping District Events. All entries MUST include a filled out release form.

Youth can enter up to 5 entries of photos at a County level, but they must be in different categories.

Youth are only allowed one entry in Graphic Design. Graphic Design entries should either focus on promotion of 4-H or a 4-H project.

Categories for photography are:

Categories for Graphic Design are:

Share the Fun

Share the fun is 4-H’s is our talent showcase!

Who can move on?

Other competitions exist only at the county level including: chef in training, fashion review, and our art showcase.

Chef in Training

We love food! If your youth loves to cook this may be the perfect County Events contest for them.

To enter this contest your youth needs to pick a category and food group, cook it up, and submit their dish for tasting to the Callahan Extension Office.They may submit a maximum of 2 entries and they must be from different food groups and categories. This individual contest is open to all ages of 4-H members. Intermediates & Seniors must do all the work unassisted, however Cloverbuds & Juniors may have adult assistance as needed. Mixes & pre-cooked items may only be used by Cloverbuds and Juniors.

Entry Categories:

  • Food Groups: fruits and vegetables, dairy, protein, or grains

The entire amount of one recipe must be submitted. Each submission must have an index card listing the  name & age category of youth exhibitor ,the food group, category, & complete recipe. As much as possible, healthy recipes and ingredients should be used.

Fashion Revue

Sewing is a classic project for 4-H and the annual Fashion Revue is a great time to show off this talent. Fashion Revue was originally created to highlight garment construction. However, sewing skills go beyond just clothes so at the local level we have opened it up to more sewing options. If it was sewn, it can be shown!

 The categories are:

Each submission must include a written report (about 1/2 page) including:

& an Oral Commentary (at County Events) lasting only 1-2 minutes, with similar details as the written report with any interesting information added. Pieces should be modeled and showcased. Just like with any oral presentation the youth will be scored on poise, cleanliness, and confidence.

*NEW* Cosplayers, this is your time to shine! Come in Cosplay for your own separate award and show off your many talents!

& Finally, The Art Gallery!

Starting in 2022, we are celebrating our artistic members through a specialty contest division. Members may enter ONE art piece (of any medium) for individual judging as well as a chance to win best in show. All art will be displayed for all to see during County Events!

Yes we know this is a lot, but that’s because County Events is for EVERY MEMBER to have a chance to show off their interests and talents!

We hope to see you at our competition as a participant, but if not please join us regardless as an audience member to support your other Nassau 4-H’ers!

For all rubrics, please go HERE.


Posted: February 23, 2023

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