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Inaugural season of FHCW wraps up successfully

November 10, 2022

Earlier in 2022, the Florida Sea Grant Extension Program in Miami-Dade County launched Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch (FHCW), a program designed to capture data about local horseshoe crab populations. Prior to the expansion of this citizen science ... READ MORE


Un Vistazo a la Fruta Tropical—Jaca

Jeff Wasielewski
November 3, 2022

por Jeff Wasielewski, Laura Vásquez y Jonathan H. Crane Nombre común: Jaca Nombre botánico: Artocarpus heterophyllus Familia: Moráceas Variedades recomendables: NS1, J-31, J-30, Gold Nugget Acerca de la fruta: Jaca es la fruta de ... READ MORE

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October 2022 Biscayne Bay fish kill

October 21, 2022

Update: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 In about one weeks' time, the North Biscayne Bay fish kill event is now over. The collective response efforts of the multiple organizations listed below in the original post revealed the consistently higher ... READ MORE


October is National Seafood Month

October 18, 2022

Florida’s fisheries Recreational and commercial fisheries, or wild caught, are big business in the state of Florida. You may have heard that Florida is the “fishing capitol of the world.” How do we know that?  Annual impacts in Florida ... READ MORE


2022 A Very Strange Rainy Season

Avatar photo
September 28, 2022

Or why average rainfall records do not fully relay the ups and downs of rainy season (nor dry season). As I sit writing this blog we are soaked in rain from a brush with Ian. This rainfall event and the past 10 days of rainy weather have ... READ MORE

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Coral Bleaching

September 28, 2022

Basic coral biology Corals are incredible animals that build reefs in the ocean. While they might look like rocks, they are living organisms that require certain conditions in which to live: clean, clear water, warm water, the right amount ... READ MORE


Tasks and Duties throughout the Life Cycle of a Worker Honey Bee

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August 22, 2022

Have you ever wondered where the saying, “busy like a bee” comes from? Well, it comes from the worker honey bee - known to be the most active bee of their species, Apis millifera, as they are faced with many different tasks and duties throughout ... READ MORE

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