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A logo and its usage are some of the most critical aspects of an organization’s identity. Consistency with the UF/IFAS logos will build a unified visual presence and enable our brand to be strong and recognizable.

Using the UF/IFAS logos

All UF/IFAS communications should include one of the UF/IFAS logos found here: https://branding.ifas.ufl.edu/logos/. It is important to identify your communications using the hierarchy below:

  1. UF/IFAS (or Extension, or CALS)
  2. National brand (4-H, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Sea Grant)
  3. Department/County/Unit
  4. Program

It is important to note that the UF/IFAS logo must be the primary identifier, and no other logo should be visually more prominent.

More specific rules

Clear Zones

UF/IFAS logo disected to show clear zones and UF monogram part of the logo.

Surround the logo with clear space (a grey area). The room should be no less than one-half the “UF” monogram height. Do not print graphics, rules, typography, or other elements in this area.

Logo size

There is a minimum logo size for each logo for the most significant impact and readability. The size of the UF/IFAS logo should be not less than one inch in length and should be scaled proportionately. The UF/IFAS CALS, UF/IFAS Research, and UF/IFAS Extension logo should be not less than one and a half inches in length and should be scaled proportionately.

Each of the 4 UF/IFAS logos showing the minimum size for each. UF/IFAS minimum is 1 inch wide, the other three are 1.5 inches wide.

Official Logo Colors

The two-color logo, shown above, is always preferred. You may use both all-black and all-white versions. Download them here: https://branding.ifas.ufl.edu/logos/.

Using the UF/IFAS Logo with a Partner Logo

Sample of the use of a partnered logo with the UF/IFAS logos. The UF/IFAS logo should always be to the left or above any other logo.

The UF/IFAS logos must always appear with an identifier for a county, program, UF/IFAS-sponsored entity, or partnering institution. In these instances, place the UF/IFAS logo above or to the left of the partner identifier.

Promotional Logos

Promotional logos are for specific subsections of UF/IFAS that must always appear with a UF/IFAS logo as the primary identifier. The University of Florida has provided a template to build these promotional logos; see below. Additionally, we have developed specific criteria for qualifying for a promotional logo.

A. Icon. A symbol representing the program. Should not contain text except for acronym of 1-3 letters.
B. Title. The official name of the program. It can be 1-3 lines. Width is variable as needed, and sidebars should maintain adequate spacing.
C. Descriptor. Reference to the unit or a tagline.

Qualifying criteria

YES – Can have promotional logos using the University’s template and be approved by ICS.
NO – No promotional logo; use a UF/IFAS logo and identify the unit in the title.

Type of Program Qualification Status
Academic departments: YES
Research Centers: YES
Extension Offices: NO
Extension Programs YES, if the program is statewide/district/regional
Research Laboratory: NO
Internal IFAS Program YES
Anniversary Logo YES, does not have to follow promo logo template
Event/Conference Logo YES, does not have to follow promo logo template
Podcast Cover NO, but it can have a visual graphic (see samples here Podcast Listing)

For more information regarding logo usage, please contact Tracy Bryant.


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Posted: January 5, 2022

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