Basic Graphic Design Tips

UF/IFAS Communications is here to assist all UF/IFAS faculty and staff with their graphic design needs. However, if you want to try your hand at designing something, keep these simple design elements in mind.

  1. Sample of different shaped lines, straight, pointy and curved.Line: In graphic design, lines are two connected points. Use lines to divide space and guide the reader, separate sections, or denote hierarchy. For example, you can use a line between the headline and the body of an article.

  2. Sample of the UF orange and blue colors.Color: Apply to all aspects of a design. It can create the tone in a layout and can identify the brand.

  3. Sample of different shapes, square, circle, triangle, abstract.Shape: Shapes add interest to a design. Shapes can be geometric, organic, or abstract. They add interest and are used for multiple purposes in a layout, including separation, direction, ornamental, just to name a few.

  4. Sample of the addition of spacing to separate items.Space: Space, also known as white space, lets your design breathe. Negative space can be a in color other than white, group elements, build a hierarchy of information, or improve readability.

  5. Sample of a diagonal patter using two different weight lines to create a texture.Texture: Texture in a design is usually for the eye, not touch, and can add extra interest to your piece. It is an illusion that visually mimics what it would feel like if you could touch it.

  6. Sample graphic of the word TEXT using one of the UF's branding fonts.Typography: Typography is the art of arranging letters and words in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing. Using the University of Florida brand fonts assists in creating consistency between pieces, which makes our brand stronger.

  7. Sample of three colored squares all sized differently to hold varying weights.Scale/Size: Adjusting the scale and size of objects on the page adds interest and can introduce a hierarchy of content.

  8. Sample of three rectangles arranged to show balance, two on the left stacked on one large one to the right the same height as the others combined together..Balance: Balance in design is the distribution of the elements used. Large, dark elements seem to hold more weight, while smaller, lighter elements appear less significant. Balance doesn’t always have to be symmetrical. For example, things in nature usually occur in odd numbers. So, use three photos or five shapes.

  9. Consistency: Consistency builds a unified visual presence and enables our brand to be strong and recognizable. Our logos, color, fonts, and tone all work together to fortify our brand.

To make a graphic design request, visit and log in with your Gatorlink credentials. Then, navigate to the Requests tab and choose Graphic Design Requests in the dropdown menu. Finally, fill out the simple form and submit it.

Do you have questions about design or design requests? Contact Tracy Bryant for more information.


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Posted: February 1, 2022

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