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Utilizing the UF branding fonts in your communication materials not only aligns with our brand identity but also increases brand visibility. These fonts are readily available for UF faculty and staff at no cost. You can access and install them on your computer by downloading them from the UF Brand Center website.

Eight steps to branded fonts 

  • Step 1: Visit https://brandcenter.ufl.edu/ and log in with your Gatorlink credentials. 
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Resources tab and choose Downloads. 
  • Step 3: Open the fonts accordion. 
  • Step 4: Click the Download link. 
  • Step 5: Review the Usage information. 
  • Step 6: (optional): Click the How to link to learn how to install the fonts on your computer. 
  • Step 7: Download the fonts by clicking the Download buttons.
    Note: Review the information for Obviously Wide+Extended. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, you should access this font via Adobe Fonts. 
  • Step 8: Install and incorporate them into your marketing pieces. 

Learn more about the UF font system 

Typography is a vehicle for our brand voice, contributing to how our messages are read and communicated. Gentona is the primary workhorse for our communications. The wide display typeface named Obviously performs well as an accent to pair with Gentona or on its own in headlines. 

Utilize these two typefaces to create a clear hierarchy and keep our content legible and engaging. As explained below, use Billion Dreams and Newsreader in smaller, more specialized capacities. 

Note: Additional weights exist for each of these typefaces. The sections below show the approved weights within the University of Florida brand. 


Gentona is a clean, friendly typeface used frequently and in various ways Gentona can be used for virtually any typographic application. It has simple letterforms that convey technical precision at lighter weights and bold impact at heavier weights, so use it for virtually any typographic application. Because of its simplicity, Gentona pairs well with our more expressive accent typefaces.  

 Sample of Gentona font options.


Obviously is a display font appropriate for brief callouts, factoids, and numbers. It is also suitable for adding particular emphasis. Its appeal comes from its rigid, vertical structure and striking character.  

Note: Although other widths are available in the Obviously font family, our brand does not and should not use any font widths other than those listed here: Obviously Wide and Obviously Extended. 

Sample of Obviously Wide and Extended font options. 

Billion Dreams 

Billion Dreams is a handwritten typeface chosen to evoke ideas scribbled during brainstorming. It adds a more expressive, personal touch to our brand language. It’s best used for keywords in a headline or subhead, not for long text runs. 

Note: Relying on InDesign’s default optical and metrics kerning is not recommended for this font. Due to its expressive nature, Billion Dreams requires custom kerning to ensure that all its letters connect seamlessly. 

Sample of Billion Dreams font options.


Newsreader is the only serif typeface. Its sophistication and simplicity pair perfectly with Gentona. It is seldom used for headlines; when used that way, it’s for pieces with an elevated feel. Generally, Newsreader works well for long runs of text, callouts, and other supporting copy. This serif typeface feels more classically academic, while our display and handwritten options are sleeker and more modern. 

Sample of Newsreader font options.

Learn to use the fonts with the UF graphic elements 

The UF Brand Center illustrates how to use the font set along with the graphic assests that are also part of the visual brand. Visit https://brandcenter.ufl.edu/graphic-elements/ to view and download prebuilt templates to get you started. 



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Posted: September 18, 2023

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