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Native Plants to Protect the Tampa Bay Watershed

July 11, 2024

Thanks to a $5,000 bay-mini-grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County was able to develop a Bay Friendly Landscaping program. Educational classes were offered to teach residents about protecting the environment ... READ MORE

Category: , Coasts & Marine, Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Lawn, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Central Florida, Florida-friendly Landscaping, Gardening, Native Plants, Tampa Bay, Tsilvasy, Urban Wildlife, Water, Water Quality, Watershed, Wildlife

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities: Trees on Property Lines

July 9, 2024

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any property, but they can also be a source of conflict between neighbors. It's important to understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to trees on or near property lines. Let's break down ... READ MORE

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Lawn, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Florida-friendly Landscaping, Hillsborough County, Hoa, Landscape, Master Gardener, Trees

Bikes Can Build Relationships

June 27, 2024

  Grab your helmet and let’s go for a bike ride.  Summertime is an opportunity to get out and get a little exercise.  Riding bikes is a fantastic way to spend time and build relationships with family and friends. Biking can activate ... READ MORE

Category: 4-H & Youth, , Clubs & Volunteers, Events, Health & Nutrition, Recreation, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: 4-H Appropriate, 4-H Club, 4-H Project, Ambernorris, Anorris, Citizenship, Communication, Leadership, Life Skills, Youth

Panama Berry Tree: Muntingia calabura

June 11, 2024

The panama berry tree (Muntingia calabura) goes by many names such as strawberry tree, jam fruit tree, and cotton candy berry. The Panama berry is a tropical fruit tree with a strawberry looking flower and sweet edible fruits that taste like ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, , Crops, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, UF/IFAS Extension, Wildlife
Tags: Edible Landscape, Fruit, Mutingia, Panama Berry Tree, Shrub, Strawberry Tree, Tree, Tropical, Tsilvasy

Edible Landscaping in Central Florida

June 6, 2024

View the recording of the Edible Landscaping for Central Florida webinar on YouTube.  The concept of edible landscaping primarily applies to growing vegetables, herbs and fruit trees in a way where it fits in with your home landscape. ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Forests, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Lawn, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, UF/IFAS Extension, Water
Tags: Compost, Edible Landscaping, Florida-friendly Landscaping, Food, Fruit, Herbs, Irrigation, Soil, Tsilvasy, Vegetable

Tropical Milkweed and OE

June 1, 2024

Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) is commonly found in garden centers and is easy to grow. However, recent research has suggested that gardeners should avoid tropical milkweed and plant native species instead. Unlike native milkweeds ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, , Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, UF/IFAS Extension, Wildlife
Tags: Butterflies, Butterfly Garden, Florida, Florida Native Plants, Milkweed, Monarch, Native Plants, OE, Pollinators

Water Conservation During Drought

May 27, 2024

When it's hot and dry out it is important to think of water conservation. In Florida, more than 50% of our potable water is used for lawns and landscapes in residential housing. The goal is to keep our plants alive, while conserving water. ... READ MORE

Category: Conservation, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Horticulture, Lawn, UF/IFAS Extension, Water
Tags: Central Florida, Desalinization, Drinking Water, Drought, Florida-friendly Landscaping, Hillsborough, Landscape, Lawn, Population, Potable Water, Tampa, Tsilvasy, Water Conservation

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