Healthy Family Meals, $15 or less

Can you make a family meal for $15?

I put it to the test and found out that you can definitely make family meals for $15! And I am not talking only about spaghetti or casseroles, even though those are excellent choices. But you can also make meatloaf, chicken with kale garlic noodles, and stuffed peppers. There are many options. But what I found out is that if you meal plan, you can make healthy meals and make them even cheaper than $15. By using some of the same ingredients and bulk shopping, you can have weekly meals that will only cost you $10 or $11 for each meal.

So, you want to know how this works and if it is as easy as it sounds?

Well, meal prepping is a skill, and it does take some time to learn. But you can start small. Maybe plan a few meals at a time. For example, you can make turkey sausage and vegetables one day and, on that day, you can double everything so that you have ingredients to make other meals. For the next meal, maybe, you can use the same turkey sausage and vegetables and turn them rf into a soup with heavy cream and vegetable broth. The final meal can be a frittata; frittatas are great to use up all the remaining ingredients in one dish, with a whole new flavor. This is just one example of getting three meals by planning ahead and having all the ingredients ready. The following meals will take a shorter time, and you already know what you are going to eat.

This is how meal planning can save you time and money!


Posted: August 23, 2021

Category: Health & Nutrition, UF/IFAS Extension, Work & Life
Tags: Budget Meals, Family Meals, Meal Planning, Meal Prep

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