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Reefscape photo credit Kieran Cox

From ‘boops’ to ‘unks,’ how scientists are using fish sounds to conserve underwater ecosystems

March 2, 2022

Above: If you've ever snorkeled or scuba dived around a reef, chances are you've heard fish making sound. Photo credit: Kieran Cox FishSounds.net is the first online, interactive library for the sounds fish make when communicating ... READ MORE

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Tags: Audrey Looby, Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences, Nature Coast Biological Station, News, School Of Forest Fisheries And Geomatics Sciences, Soil And Water Sciences
noah boldt on a boat in australia

Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose to Major in Agricultural Operations Management

June 7, 2019

By Noah Boldt, master's student studying fisheries and aquatic sciences, CALS alumnus ‘19 (agricultural operations management major) The agricultural operations management (AOM) major combines hands-on applied coursework and core business ... READ MORE

Category: Agribusiness, Farm Management, Natural Resources, Professional Development, UF/IFAS Teaching, Water
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Carp Edema Virus Disease (CEVD) / Koi Sleepy Disease (KSD)

December 20, 2015

Carp edema virus disease is killing wild and cultured varieties of carp and worrying koi enthusiasts and carp aquaculturists in the United States and around the world. The disease causes skin lesions and swelling and is sometimes called "koi ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Coasts & Marine, Natural Resources, Pests & Disease, Wildlife
Tags: Andy Goodwin, Fish Diseases, Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences, Johnny Shelley, Joseph Groff, Karen Kelley, Olga Haenen, Patrick Thompson, Pedro Viadanna, Roy Yanong, Ruth Francis-Floyd, Shohreh Hesami, Staci Spears, Thomas Waltzek
Figure 3. An airlift collector functioning properly in a copepod culture tank. Credit: Jason S. Broach

Using Airlifts to Collect and Concentrate Copepod Nauplii

August 10, 2015

Airlifts are simple and inexpensive and not new to aquaculture. The buoyancy of rising bubbles within a pipe or tube generates an upward flow of water that are often used as part of water treatment design in recirculating aquaculture systems, ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Farm Management
Tags: Aquaculture Facilities, Cortney L. Ohs, Eric J. Cassiano, Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences, John Marcellus, Matthew A. DiMaggio

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