Green Cleaning Products

The “Do It Yourself” Approach

Have you ever wondered whether what you use to clean your floor or your kitchen sink is environmentally friendly?

If you’re concerned about the impact of your spring cleaning on the planet, you may want to consider a DIY approach. Homemade cleaners are made of products that you probably already have around the house, such as white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach. When properly prepared, DIY cleaners have lower environmental impacts and are a cheaper alternative to store-bought cleaners.1,2

See the following UF/IFAS publications for tips and instructions for making your own green cleaning products:

Don’t want to make your own cleaners?

You may have noticed that a growing number of cleaning products are now marketed as environmentally friendly. However, be aware that marketing terms like “ecosafe” aren’t regulated, which means that there are no specific criteria for products labeled as “ecosafe.”2

To better understand your purchasing options, go to the Safer Choice program page on the EPA website to learn more about products that are better for both people and the environment.3 You can even look up a product to see if it has the EPA’s “Safer Choice” label. Happy cleaning!

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Posted: March 21, 2016

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