Water and Wellness

Your friend is back in town and ready for the best visit ever.

The pollen forecast is on your side this time, so you have decided to spend the day enjoying the sunshine and summer weather.

Food Nutrition Program personnel participating in the Soccer for Success program. Photo taken 12-04-19.

At the park, you dust off your soccer skills, take a stroll, then spend a couple of hours picnicking as you catch up on life. You and your friend pay no mind to your now-empty water bottles. After all, the good company feels glorious. Nothing could go wrong.

Until your friend mentions the onset of muscle cramps and a terrible headache. When you sit up, you begin to panic. You’re exhausted and dizzy. You recall seeing a water fountain at the opposite end of the park, but you aren’t sure you will make it there without fainting.

You end up calling a mutual friend who lives nearby. He arrives with water for both of you and kindly drives you back home so you and your friend can spend the rest of your day rehydrating.

Water pouring into glass.

Healthy eating and hydration are essential for physical health and function. “Healthy Eating: Fluids” provides information on the importance of water, possible effects of dehydration, and planning fluid intake. This Ask IFAS publication also discusses recommended daily fluid intake, factors that increase fluid needs, ideal fluids for hydration, and tips to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Looking for more information on drinking water and physical health? Remember to Ask IFAS.


Posted: July 18, 2022

Category: Health & Nutrition, Work & Life
Tags: Department Of Family Youth And Community Sciences, Hydration, Water

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