Staying Well through the Holidays: New Year Goals

New Year New You!

This is a common theme for people when starting a new year. We all start out strong and then seem to fizzle out. Let’s make this year different! Below are the tips and tools you need to make this year’s new years resolutions a success.

How to create your New You:

Make your goals SMART: Specific- clearly stated desired change; Measurable- make the change something you can measure; Achievable- make the change reasonable and realistic in the timeframe; Relevant- make sure the change is aligned with your lifestyle; Timebound- create an appropriate timeframe for the proposed changed. 

Start small: Your overall goal maybe big, but concentrate on the smaller pieces when setting your goals. Make a small change a habit, then move on to the next so it becomes a part of your lifestyle and will be sustainable. 

Write it down: You are 3 times more likely to accomplish something if you write it down. Also, putting it in a place where you will see it regularly will help keep you focused and more likely to obtain it. 

Reward yourself: Think of healthy ways to reward yourself when you meet a goal or just stay focused on your goal. Staying positive is important when working toward achieving your goal. 

Plan for setbacks: Obstacles and challenges are going to come. Don’t be hard on yourself when something falls off course. Instead decide it was just a set back and continue back on the path to meet your goal. 


Resources: UF/IFAS Extension, Let’s Walk Florida: Getting You Holiday Ready,,


Posted: December 11, 2023

Category: Health & Nutrition, Relationships & Family, , Work & Life
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