Is it really about having good luck?

three four-leaf clovers In my whole life, I’ve never found a four-leaf clover. Until now. Last week, I found one. Today, two more. So is luck really something that is that hard to find? Do we really have to spend our days struggling to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


Little things

It’s the little things in our world that can be considered lucky. You have to find those small truly lucky things that happen – finding a penny, getting a great parking space, winning a drawing. Those are the things based on pure luck. They randomly happen because of your attention or, well, you could say fate’s choosing. Typically, there is nothing you can do to control the outcomes involved in these things.


Big things

But then there are those big things that we think are based on luckwhite clover with four leaves– winning an award, getting a job or a promotion, having an article published. Are these things really luck though? No, they happen because you are qualified, you deserve those things, and you are the best. We have to remember that not everything in our lives is based on luck. Sometimes you only need to give yourself the reminder that you can do it. It’s the hard work that you put in that gets you the great things in your life. No one ever got named CEO or given a Nobel Peace Prize because they stayed home, felt bad about themselves, and claimed they had bad luck. They got up each morning, got dressed, and headed off into the world to achieve their biggest goals.

A mix of them both

We do have to make sure to take those little things, those lucky things, into consideration, though. If we take a moment to just breathe and realize the small positive things in our day, we keep a positive outlook. Positivity is what can give you the courage to achieve those big things, to conquer those huge goals. And if you still choose to associate your big achievements with luck then it’s because you’ve done great things to influence your luck. And those days that you think you are having the worst luck, ask yourself, is it really about luck?

As an old Irish blessing would say… May luck be on your side. Just remember, you don’t need luck when you have the motivation to achieve it all!


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Posted: March 17, 2021

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